Hot Presses:

Purpose : side glueing of solid wood ledges to get beams for door and window frames, structures, etc…

The advantage of strip beams are known: money saving (wood of lower quality can be used for inner not visible strips), higher and longer resistance, no strain during time.
In this field, Steton offers the presses for strip beam series “PTL”, heavy-duty tunnel-type, with lengths up to max. m.7, customized widths, equipped with vertical and horizontal cylinders. Heating system by diathermic oil or high frequency for a quicker glue setting.
The on-line glueing machine allows the spreading on both faces of inner strips, on one face only of the outer strips. Its banked positioning allows a quick fitting of the strip on the composition table.
At the press outfeed, several types of stop table are available for the prosecution of glue setting and for unload.For the production of strip beams, Steton offers also the cold vertical presses STL1 (lengths from 3 to 6 m), STL2 (lengths from 3 to 8 m) and the rotating frame presses with 3 stations SRL 2500 and 3000 mm .

Cold Presses:

Membrane Presses:

Purpose: veneering of panels with round edges or shaped surfaces.

I modelli “P 200” e “P 400” , Main difference between models “P 200” and “P 400”, with membrane and fluid, is their pressure: P 400 can apply thicker veneer. Versions “2 M” with double membrane (top and bottom) allow the veneering of both shaped faces of the panel. Membrane fluid is a solution of ethylene glycol and other additives enabling to reach high temperatures. Both P 200 and P 400 models are available in version “C”, with powered alternate systems for loading and unloading on both sides of the press, with a drasting reduction of dead times and therefore an increase in productivity.