The Compact range consists of manually operated machines. All the spindles are horizontally and vertically adjustable at the front-side of the machine. You can adjust your machine without stopping the spindles! The machines are 0,1 mm precise and the spindle-position can be easily read by mechanical digital counters. Tools can be changed in no time because the spindles are very easy to reach. With this machine you can produce all your different windows and frames very quickly and efficiently.

The Standard range has long spindles which are vertical electronically controlled. The spindles are 545 mm long. 99 different spindle-positions can be pre-programmed per spindle. Now you can program your spindle-position for every machining operation. With one button to push the machine is ready for the next machining operation, fully automatically. The profile moulder and the tenoner can be combined into one window line! With this machine you can produce window per window. Without idle-time or tool changes!

The Control range is fully C.N.C. controlled. Beside several long spindles of 545 mm the Control is equipped with separate top and bottom spindles. The C.N.C. control system combines the tools on several spindles to make one machining operation. The use of ball circulating screws guarantees an optimal positioning accuracy. The Control machines also can be combined to Window lines. With this machine you can make all your different windows, doors and frames without changing tools or making manual adjustments.