This combination machine with 3 motors has a cast iron structure. Its robustness as well as its functionality have been proven over many years. There is no equal. Our reputation was built upon this. The planing table is assembled on a barrel sleeve reinforced with cast iron to guarantee a perfect stability for you. A pure pleasure in its performance.

CB 310 SL

The combination machine CB 310 SL , 3 motors, with an aluminium cast iron planer / thicknesser frame fits in everywhere.
Its equipment is completely reliable and practical: the sliding carriage runs next to the blade,the moulder shaft is very big. New design, compact it can be delivered through small workshops doors (800 mm).
Available in Hz concept (with speed inverter), it offers an increased power in single phase.

CB 310 HZ

The innovation at Lurem is omnipresent. Because you seek the pleasure, comfort, simplicity, the effectiveness, we equipped this combined with a frequency variator. No more need to change the belt. Benefit from the power of its three-phase motors while being connected to single phase. It is that the Lurem innovation!

CB 310 RL

Heavy cast iron tables top the machines providing the rock solid support required when using the machines to their maximum capacitites. The closed frame structure is fabricated from 3 mm thick sheet metal with a monoblock support on the saw side, this principle is used on many panel saws. A cast iron hinge mechanism provides stability to the planer thicknesser side of the machine. The machine frame is based on a 2 unit construction for increased rigidity but also allowing the machine to be separated when delivered for better access through doorways up to 720mm wide. A new option will be available very soon : the speed invertor, until 8 speed rate for the spindle, without changing the belt.

CB 310 RLX

The machine frame is based on a 2 unit construction for increased rigidity but also allowing the machine to be seperated when deilvered allowing access through doorways down to 720mm wide. The saw unit itself has been designed with screw adjustment rise & fall and tilt to 45 degrees, extraction is provided from underneath the saw and above on the blade guard.
On this particular model the sliding carriage has a 1550mm stroke and runs adjacent to the blade for accurate cutting of the workpiece. A new option will be available : the speed invertor, offering until 8 speeds for the spindle without changing the belt.

CB 410 RL

Professional, this combination with a width of 410 mm has all the assets to meet your expectations. Its table of cast iron surfacing machine, with generous length: up to 2160 mm. The quality of work is ensured because the planing head reposes on cast iron stages. Its precision and its performance are a reference for this.

CB 410 RLX

2500 mm, such is the length of the carriage of this powerful combination machine. Equipped with a carriage with balls and steel bench, it is made to last very a long time. The professionals of wood will really enjoy this machine.